Never Stop Evolving

The Material World Manifesto

Evolve. Do better for ourselves and the fashion industry. Disrupt the status quo by reimagining the supply chain. Make an impact: embrace individuality, embody diversity, champion sustainability. Believe everything is possible. Pass it on.

Our Promise

Our service enables reinvention through the resale of luxury fashion, with an emphasis on mindfully reducing our impact on the environment.

Speak Truth, Seek Truth

The fashion industry is the world’s second major polluter—right behind big oil. Every step of fashion’s linear lifecycle model impacts the environment, from the way a garment is made to how it’s sold, worn, and trashed.

While entirely eliminating processes like manufacturing, shipping, and waste are just not possible today (clothing isn’t optional!), we believe there are meaningful ways we can counter the bad by doing good. We haven’t found the perfect solution, but we’ve made strides by extending the current lifecycle of luxury goods. We aim to keep evolving by investing in education, both for ourselves and our community. It’s a search for transparency, and a goal to always be transparent ourselves.

Join us as we strive for better.

material world co-founders : Rie and Jie

Our Co-Founders:
Rie and Jie

Material World is about personal evolution. It’s a place to be who you are, own the clothes you love, and feel good about the way you shop. As veterans of the fashion industry and Harvard Business School graduates, we saw an incredible opportunity to evolve the way we buy, care for, and pass on product, and we’re partnering with fashion brands and retailers to redefine the way the industry works. Here, we’ve created a service where a love of quality fashion and respect for the environment go hand-in-hand. Look good. Do good. Repeat.

Introducing a Circular Economy

Our customers give their unwanted items a second life, buy pre-owned designs in beautiful condition, shop new quality goods, and repeat. Our goal is to foster a community that understands every decision matters, from properly storing a designer handbag so it can later be resold in excellent condition to providing better handling and care of a cotton T-shirt to extend its lifecycle.


We are Material World

We’re made up of passionate individuals who believe there is no one right way to do things, that diversity is imperative for growth, and that you have to think bold to find new ways to solve old problems. We aren’t afraid to try something new or face failure: we believe it’s the best way to learn.

We’re creating a new full-cycle shopping experience that celebrates self-expression and evolution. We’re investing in quality because well-made pieces look better and last longer. We’re reducing the wear and tear of production on the environment by reselling quality goods and shopping pre-owned.

We’re choosing to work with brands who share our vision for a more sustainable industry. We authenticate and educate to combat counterfeit production, and the child labor, human trafficking, and terrorist support that results from the knock-off industry. We’re finding new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, starting by adopting recycled packaging.

Charity Causes

We proudly support Housing Works in their mission to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS. As our clothing donation partner, all donations made through Material World go directly to Housing Works. With every donation you make, you can receive tax benefits through supporting their services and advocacy efforts. Together we are taking another step toward ensuring that your fashion items find new homes and remain out of landfills.

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